BILL LABOUNTY 「This Night Won't Last Forever」

ビル・ラバウンティ 「ジス・ナイト・ウォント・ラスト・フォーエバー」

 1.This Night Won't Last Forever(B.LaBounty-R.Freeland)
 2.Room 205(B.LaBounty)
 3.In 25 Words Or Less(B.LaBounty-R.Freeland)
 4.Open Your Eyes(B.LaBounty-J.Senter)
 5.Little Girl In Blue Jeans(B.LaBounty-R.Culbertson-R.Freeland)
 6.Lie To Me(B.LaBounty-J.Senter)
 7.Who's Gonna Hold You(B.LaBounty)
 9.A Tear Can Tell(B.LaBounty)
10.I Hope You'll Be Very Unhappy Without Me(B.LaBounty-J.Senter)

Produced by Jay Senter

BILL LABOUNTY 「The Right Direction」

ビル・ラバンティ 「恋のゆくえ~ザ・ライト・ディレクション」

 1.The Good Life(Bill LaBounty & Beckie Foster)
 2.The Right Direction(Bill La Bounty, David Innis & Robbie Dupree)
 3.Mr.O(Bill LaBounty, Robbie Dupree & Jay Graydon)
 4.Emily(Bill LaBounty, S.D.Martin & Jamie Houston)
 5.Holding Out(Bill LaBounty, & David Innis)
 6.Burn Down The Night(Bill LaBounty)
 7.Be There(Bill LaBounty & Sam Lorber)
 8.Time Starts Now(Bill LaBounty & Sam Lorber)

Produced by Robbie Dupree & Bill LaBounty

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