BOBBY CHARLES 「Bobby Charles+2」

ボビー・チャールズ 「ボビー・チャールズ+2」

 1.Street People(Bobby Charles)
 2.Long Face(Bobby Charles)
 3.I Must Be In A Good Place Now(Bobby Charles)
 4.Save Me Jesus(Bobby Charles)
 5.All The Money(Bobby Charles)
 6.Small Town Talk(B.Charles-R.Danko)
 7.Let Yourself Go(Bobby Charles)
 8.Grow Too Old(B.Charles-A.Domoni-D.Bartholomew)
 9.I'm That Way(Bobby Charles)
10.Tennessee Blues(Bobby Charles)
11.Small Town Talk[Single Version](B.Charles-R.Danko)<Bonus Track>
12.Homemade Songs(Bobby Charles)<Bonus Track>

Produced by Bobby Charles, Rick Danko & John Simon

BOBBY CHARLES 「Secrets Of The Heart」

BOBBY CHARLES 「Secrets Of The Heart」

 1.I Can't Quit You
 3.Angel Eyes
 4.But I Do
 5.Party Town
 6.I Don't Want To Know
 7.Love In The Worst Degree
 8.Why Are Peolpe Like That?
10.I Believe In Angels
11.Happy Birthday Fats Domino
12.Champs Elysee
13.Bobby Charles Interview<Bonus Track After 2 Minutes>

All Songs written by Bobby Charles
Produced by Bobby Charles
Associate producers: Ben Keith, Jim Bateman, and John Snyder

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