BRUCE STARK 「A Tale Of Foreign Lands」

ブルース・スターク 「見知らぬ国から」

 1.Habanera(Georges Bizet) 〜from the opera "Carmen"
 2.A Child Is Born(Thad Jones)
 3.A Tale Of Foreign Lands(Robert Schumann) from "Scenes From Childhood"
 4.You Don't Know What Love Is(Raye -De Paul)
 5.Take Five(Paul Desmond)
 6.Blue Dream(Bruce Stark)
 7.A String Of Pearls(Jerry Gray)
 8.Words Unspoken(Bruce Stark)
 9.Summertime(George Gershwin)
10.Rain Stick/Over The Rainbow(Harold Arlen)
11.Yours(Bruce Stark)
12.Daddy's Here(Bruce Stark)
13.My Romance(Dodgers-Hart)

All arrangements by Bruce Stark

Recorded on April 17 & 18 1998 at Victor Studio, Tokyo

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ