ANDREW GOLD 「What's Wrong With THis Picture?」

ANDREW GOLD 「What's Wrong With THis Picture?」

 1.Hope You Feel Good
 2.Passing Thing
 3.Do Way Diddy
 4.Learning The Game
 5.Angel Woman
 6.Must Be Crazy
 7.Lonely Boy
10.Go Back Home Again
11.One Of Them Is Me

All songs written by Andrew Gold
1 written by Stephen Ferguson-Andrew Gold
3 written by Jeffy Barry-Ellie Greenwich
4 written by Buddy Holly
9 written by Maurice Williams
Produced by Peter Asher

ANDREW GOLD 「Where The Heart Is: The Commercials 1988-1991」

アンドリュー・ゴールド 「CMコレクション 1988~19910」

 1.Where The Heart Is
 2.No Place Like Home
 3.Making Friends
 4.Going Home
 5.Pal O Mine
 6.Party Hearty
 7.I Wonder What's She Like
 8.Where Did I Go Right
 9.Don't Give Your Heart
10.The Masters.

All songs by Andrew Gold
Produced, Played, Sung and Engineered by Andrew Gold

BRYNDLE 「Bryndle」

ブリンドル 「ブリンドル」

 1.Take Me In
 2.I Want To Touch You
 3.Under The Rainbow
 5.Lucky One
 6.We Walked This Road
 7.On The Wind
 8.Streets Of Your Town
 9.Til The Storm Goes By
10.Mulberry Street
12.River Of Stone
13.Daddy's Little Girl
14.Just Can't Walk Awa
15.Nothing Love Can't Do<Bonus Track for Japan Only>

All songs written by Bryndle
8 written by A.Gold/J.Yaes
12 written by W.Waldman/R.Nielsen
13 written by K.Bonoff
15 written by J.D.Martin
Produced by Josh Leo and Bryndle

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ