(FEILD RECORDING) 「Kingdom Of The Sun - Peru's Inca Heritage」

[現地録音] 「太陽の帝国−インカ文明の音楽遺産」

 1.Adios, Pueblo De Ayacucho(Harp)
 2.Mauca Zapotoyke(Flute Duet)
 3.Carrito Pasajerito(Song)
 4.Panpipe Ensemble
 6.Carnaval Ayacuchano(Ensemble)
 7.Toccto Pachhape(Ensemble)
 8.Flute Solo From Apurimac
10.Suqullay Yamanyawy(Song)
11.Pandillero(Panpipe Ensemble)
12.Torallay Toro(Guitar)
13.Procession At Pisac(Accordion, Flute, Conch)

recorded in Peru by David Lewiston

(FEILD RECORDING) 「Mexico - Fiestas Of Chapas And Oaxaca」

[現地録音] 「チャパスとオアハカの祭り」

 1.Son Sventa N'ahual San Lorenzo("Song For Our Lord San Lorenzo")
 2.El Chinito
 3.Bats'i Son Martomail("True Song For The Churchkeeper")
 4.La Jota
 5.Son Sventa Ch'ul Na("Song For The Church")
 6.Valse Chiapanecas
 7.K'in Sventa Ch'ul Me'tik Kwadulupe("Festival For The Holy Mother Guadelupe")
 8.Son Sventa Cajvaltic("Song For Our Lord")
 9.Christmas In Oaxaco
11.Son Alegre("Happy Tune")
12.Carreta De Flores("The Flower Cart")
13.Cantares De Mi Tierra(I Sing Of My Country")
14.Danza De La Malincha

recorded in Mexico by David Lewiston

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