1.Mojo Pin(J.Buckley-G.Lucas)
 3.Last Goodbye(J.Buckley)
 4.Lilac Wine(J.Shelton)
 5.So Real(J.Buckley-M.Tighe)
 7.Lover, You Should've Come Over(J.Buckley)
 8.Corpus Christi Carol(For Roy)(B.Britten)
 9.Eternal Life(J.Buckley)
10.Dream Brother(J.Buckley-M.Grondahl-M.Johnson)

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Andy Wallace
5 Produced by Jeff Buckley
8, 10 Additional Engineering by Clif Norrell

JEFF BUCKLEY 「Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk」

ジェフ・バックリィ 「素描」

<DISC 1>
 1.The Sky Is A Landfill(J.Buckley-M.Tighe)
 2.Everybody Here Wants You(J.Buckley)
 3.Opened Once(J.Buckley)
 4.Nightmares By The Sea(J.Buckley)
 5.Yard Of Blonde Girls(A.Clark-L.Kramer-Additional lyrics by I.Lorre)
 6.Witches' Rave(J.Buckley)
 7.New Year's Prayer(J.Buckley)
 8.Morning Theft(J.Buckley)
10.You & I(J.Buckley)

Produced by Tom Verlaine

<DISC 2>
 1.Nightmares By The Sea(Remix)(J.Buckley)
 2.New Year's Prayer(Remix)(J.Buckley)
 3.Haven't You Heard(J.Buckley)
 4.I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby(If We Wanted To Be)(J.Buckley)
 5.Murder Suicide Meteor Slave(J.Buckley)
 6.Back In N.Y.C.(M.Rutherford-R.Hackett-P.Collins-P.Gabriel-A.Banks)
 7.Gunshot Glitter<Bonus Track>(J.Buckley)
 8.Demon John(J.Buckley-M.Tighe)
 9.Your Flesh Is So Nice(J.Buckley)
10.Jewel Box(J.Buckley)
11.Thousand Fold<Bonus Track>(J.Buckley)
12.Satisfied Mind(J.Buckley-J.Rhodes)

JEFF BUCKLEY 「Mystery White Boy: Live '95~'96」

JEFF BUCKLEY 「Mystery White Boy: Live '95~'96」

<DISC 1>
 1.Dream Brother(J.Buckley-M.Grondahl-M.Johnson)
 2.I Woke Up In A Strange Place(J.Buckley)
 3.Mojo Pin(J.Buckley-G.Lucas)
 4.Lilac Wine(J.Shelton)
 5.What Will You Say(J.Buckley-C.Dowd-C.Azar)
 6.Last Goodbye(J.Buckley)
 7.Eternal LIfe(J.Buckley)
 9.Moodswing Whiskey(J.Buckley-M.Tighe)
10.The Man That Got Away(H.Arlen-I.Gershwin)
11.Kanga Roo(A.CHilton)
12.Hallelujah(L.Cohen)~I Know It's Over(J.Marr-Morrissey)(Medley)

<DISC 2: Bonus Disc>
 1.That's All I Ask
 2.Lover, You Should've Come Over(J.Buckley)
 3.So Real(J.Buckley-M.Tighe)

Produced by Michael Tighe & Mary Guibert

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