ジム・フォトグロ 「ピュア・ラヴ」

 1.Silence Is King(Jim Photoglo/Gary Burr)
 2.Pure Love(Jim Photoglo/Vince Melamad)
 3.Matter Of Tears(Jim Photoglo/Gary Burr)
 4.Another Season Without Rain(Jim Photoglo/Vince Melamad)
 5.Shadows(Jim Photoglo/Wendy Waldman)
 6.What Else Can A Good Man Do(Jim Photoglo/Vince Melamad)
 7.Pure Love(Repraise)(Jim Photoglo/Vince Melamad)
 8.Fine, Fine, Very Fine Love(Jim Photoglo/Bob Dipiero)
 9.Hands Of Mercy(Jim Photoglo/Vince Melamad)
10.Love Reminders(Jim Photoglo/John Jarvis)
11.I'm Holding On To Love(Jim Photoglo/Tom Whitlock)
12.Will Of The Wind(Jim Photoglo/Greg Barnhill)

Produced by John Kelton, Jim Photoglo and Eric Prestige
except 2, 9 Co-Produced by Vince Melamad

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ