ランディ・ヴァンウォーマー 「アメリカン・モーニング」

 1.Losing Out On Love
 2.Just When I Needed You Most
 3.Your Light
 4.Gotta Get Out Of Here
 5.Convincing Lies
 6.Call Me
 7.Forever Loving You
 8.Deeper And Deeper
 9.I Could Sing
10.The One Who Loves You

All Songs Written by Randy Vanwarmer
Produced by Del Newman


ランディ・ヴンウォーマー 「モーニング・ブリーズ」

 1.Follow That Car(Randy VanWarmer)
 2.Romeo's Heart(Randy VanWarmer, Jennifer Kimball)
 3.I Don't Want To Think About It(Randy VanWarmer, Parker McGee)
 4.As If My Heart Were Not My Own(Randy VanWarmer, Richard Leigh)
 5.Just When I Needed You Most(Randy VanWarmer)
 6.The Third Chilf(Randy VanWarmer, Roger Murrah)
 7.Something Beautiful(Randy VanWarmer, Bobby Hamilton)
 8.Two Strangers On A Train(Randy VanWarmer)
9.Damn This Night(Randy VanWarmer, Parker McGee)
10.Whispers Of Emotion(Randy VanWarmer, J.D.Martin)
11.Diamonds In The Light(Randy VanWarmer, Michael Dan Ehmig)

produced by Randy VanWarmer and Shane Fontayne


ランディ・ヴァンウォーマー 「ザ・ベスト」

 1.Just When I Needed You Most
 2.Whatever You Decide
 3.Suzi Found A Weapon
 4.I Could Never Impress You
 5.Something Beautiful
 6.Do You Believe In Magic
 7.She's Not There
 8.Losing Out On Love
 9.Romeo's Heart
10.The Things That You Dream
11.Call Me
12.Just When I Needed You Most(Acoustic)

All songs written by Randy Vanwarmer
4 by Neal Corty & Randy Vanwarmer
5 by Randy Vanwarmer & Bobby Hamilton
6 by John Sebastian
7 by Rod Argent
9 by Randy Vanwarmer & Jennifer Kimball

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